seeks to be bohemian, ecological, deeply rooted to the human being, to history and to anthropology

Tuesday, October 6

October feelings

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This is a palette of colors that inspire me a lot for October.
It's starting to be cold outside and we feel like staying more at home surrounded by what we realy like...

Tender colors, beautiful cups for coffee, silk sheets for my bed, like if I was a real princess, soft lighting, beautiful atmosphere...
Have a look at this shop where you can find all kind of silk bedding sets. Oosilk

Soft and tender

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All this colors inspire me a lot... 
Grey, pink, white...
I love those colors in any season because it makes me feel serene

Saturday, September 12

My dream house

MOODY Atmosphere

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After bright, airy and white atmosphere.
Moody atmosphere come to make the opposite... 
Dark, gloomy but very cozy. That is the new trend in interiors. 
Despite the fact that is completely the opposite of
what I normally show in MY DREAM HOUSE it is an atmosphere
that I also like a lot... I really like oneirism and mystery,
it might be because I am a melancholic person,
this decor suits me in someway...


 All that colors like grey, purple, dark blue are such beautiful colors for interiors...

Wednesday, September 9

Hometown Hunt: El Matadero, Madrid

I am a graphic designer and a hardcore lover of modern art so what I really enjoy in Madrid and what I would recommend to everyone who is coming to the city, is El matadero, wich is defined in the master plan as a great laboratory of interdisciplinary contemporary creation linked to the city. A general forum for exchanging ideas on culture and values of a contemporary society. Open to all types of creation, it brings the facilities for meetings and dialogue between creators and the public. 
The center was created in 2006 by the city hall, which gave the mandate to "promote research, production, training and dissemination of creation and contemporary thought in all its manifestations." Its areas of activity are: visual arts, performing arts, literature and reading, thinking, music, film, design, fashion, architecture, urban planning and landscaping.

Iñaqui Carnicero Architecture Office


La Cantina

And where I would definitely have lunch is at La cantina, located inside el Matadero at few meters from Manzanares river.
Created by the owners of Olivia te cuida, its an amazing vanguardist space where appart from having good time and eating you can enjoy concerts, screenings, events...
The stars of the place are quiches, handmade desserts and sandwiches. Ecological and gourmet food.


So if you are visiting Madrid it is worth to visit El Matadero and its installations. And if you are a "Gato" (Madrilenian) and you have never been here, you should definitely go for a cultural and interesting day. Have a look to all next activities. Also you can book your ticket tough Eventbrite which offers a variety of services for people who want to host or attend local events; it’s user-friendly for everyone, it allows attendees pay for tickets or admission online, and it’s free for free events!

Saturday, September 5

Fall colors

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For september, I see everything in grey and natural colors... Everything is tender and soft like fall.
I highly recomend this online fashion store... 
Beautiful as you are 

I wish you a happy weekend!

Friday, August 28

Neutral & Pink


1. NORTHMODERN 1.618 – A Sustainable Future
Meet up with Barbara Coignet, founder and director of the sustainable luxury fair in Paris
Why did you decide to start 1.618?
“It was during a time when I was very concerned with the changes in the world and new economies. I began asking my PR clients in the fashion business about their commitment to sustainability. But the designers’ attitude was that you can either be creative, or you can save the planet; they didn’t believe it was possible to combine creativity and quality with sustainability. I decided to find examples to prove them wrong: Look at this building, this bag, this item. In the process I began collecting attractive and sustainable brands from all over the world. That was the birth of the 1.618 project.”
2. Alvar Aalto Chair
4. Home Floor Remodeling Before and After 
There are thousands of ways to improve the look and value of your home. One way is to remodel your home flooring throughout the house. Although this may seem like a pricey remodel project, it can be very simple and cost efficient. 
The Before 
If the consideration of remodeling the hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring in your home has come up, then chances are it needs it. There are many causes of damage to flooring over time. These damages can add up, and create an unappealing look to your room. The flooring can make the room look odd and even create moods to change. If you are walking into a home and the floor is old, rustic looking, you might feel differently than if it was a modernized marble looking vinyl floor that you were walking onto. 
And The After 
As mentioned before the type of flooring that you have in a room can create a mood. Depending on what type of flooring that you decide to replace the current with, you can create a room that has a completely different mood. The new floor could also prove to be a money saver on bills, depending on if it has added insulation or extra layers. Wood flooring is common for its look and feel, but if pieced together can come up in connected areas. So the after may be gorgeous, but taking care of the flooring can also make it last longer, preventing a future remodeling to occur quicker than you’d like.
While you are in the process of remodeling your home flooring, be sure to take before and after pictures. This will allow you to see the improvement that you have made, along with all of the hard work and dedication that you put into that improvement. Home floor remodeling before and after can be a brilliant way to add value to your home and create something that you can take pride in.

Check out GoHaus for some amazing deals on wood flooring!

Wednesday, August 26

A Room + A Style

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A ROOM + A STYLE, it is a new section in Lottilou.  
I wanted to create this section as I am really inspired by decoration but also by fashion 
and I love to imagine what would be the style that would suit the best in a room. 
Because our houses are a clear reflection of ourselves...

After. My dream house or My Wislist, that I love so much to build up
I hope you will like this new section, as much as I do. 
Do not hesitate to share your opinions with me... 
It is a great pleasure to read you...

Monday, August 24

A woman, an empire


The woman who invented the formula for the feminine eternal

Beautiful, elegant, chic...


Sunday, August 23

My Dream house

Industrial, Eco and Vintage...

Living a Slowlife


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With decor and minimalist strokes foremost industrial design and vintage features. 
White, bright and well-chosen details ... 

This house would undoubtedly be the house of my dreams. 

Love it!

Saturday, August 15

September Wishlist

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Back from my very long holiday. 
One month and a half in the Canary Island, enjoying sun, sea and mountain. 
It was great, relaxing and peaceful with family and great friends...

And now I am back to real life, starting a new job that I am enjoying so far... 
Starting a new adventure working at the new publication of L'Officiel Magazine in Spain... 
I love new projects and meeting great people!

I came back with a huge wishlist for September!

Calm and serenity above all...
New decor for my new home... I still need a rug and a table for my living room...
Good food... healthy and eco
Flowers at home
New clothes for cold
And tons of LOOOOOVE

Do you have a wishlist for September?