seeks to be bohemian, ecological, deeply rooted to the human being, to history and to anthropology

Sunday, May 24



Sweden won Eurovision yesterday and we all know their exquisite taste in decoration. This house it's from a Swedish estate agency website. Have a look at more agencies houseandgarden

Wednesday, May 20

My dream House


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Summer is almost here, and with summer I feel like being outside all day on... I want tons of light inside, tender colours, flowers, airy spaces, and like always lots of white and wood...

Here is the example of house that inspire me so much at this moment...

In addition I would love to have a studio/atelier like this one, in the picture nº3, just perfect, don't you think?

Sunday, May 3

Book trends

 1 I am loving the eternal Converse, suitable either for a casual or a smart look and so ideal for spring...
2 I heart Dinh Van jewelry, classic and modern at once ... They fit all looks...
3 My favorite bras are those without rings ... so fine and delicate...
4 I am very keen on this Caribbean Blue sofa... it is just perfect for my living room....

Sunday, April 26

Kitchen inspiration....

 For me the best it is to have an open kitchen, so you can prepare your meal while you are with the rest of the family or friends...
Although there are some beautiful closed kitchen too ...
I love white, metal and wood, 
it is the best combination, and if you want to iontroduce some colours, that it's great, too...

Sunday, April 19

Lovely inspiration

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Hi There!!!
I am really sorry for being away for so long, but I am having so much troubles with the internet... 
No internet for almost 1 month!!! I am very disapointed!!!

I have moved and I am very happy in my new house... Soon I will be posting some pictures... 
But I am still arranging, buying new items and taking some ideas from all of your beautiful blogs... 

Love the atmosphere of those rooms: clear, neat and bright... Everything I like!

Have a great sunday!

Friday, March 27



Tomorrow I will be moving to a new house...
I'm really excited because it is a new beginning, a new story
a new way of seeing life from a different point.

I will come back as soon as I can with 
new stories, new ideas, new styles...

Take really good care of yourself  and see you as soon as I moved!

Nido Qubein

Tuesday, March 17

Refined and simple

 A come back to 
what is realy Important in life


Minimalist trend

As you know one of the things I like to do most on this blog it is to create examples of 
what would be my perfect house ... 
 On this occasion, I have meant to create a house simple and airy above all, free of unnecessary objects, free of extraneous items. A house that breathes the essentials ... 
 A minimalist house ... 
Minimalism is a trend that I like more and more ... Get rid of all that weight that complicate
your life considerably, everything that hinders growth and personal development. 

Minimalism emerged in the late 60s in New York, in reaction to the ornate styles of that time 
(mainly Pop Art) and communicational saturation within the aesthetic universe. 

Once again, it is a current that sets the trend, this time as a reaction against an exaggerated and disproportionate consumerism, which has made us lose sight of what is really essential in life ...  

"We have exaggerated the superfluous, we no longer have the necessary" Proudhon

Have a look at those former post

Saturday, March 14

Pure Elegance

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Have a look at this great online shop

NEEMIC is a designer brand initiated in 2011 by Amihan Zemp and Hans Martin Galliker with three visions at heart: Creating beautiful design, making the industry more sustainable and providing a platform for artistic exchange.

I LIKE: NEEMIC commits to responsible use of resources.

Friday, March 13

BLACK and WHITE for ever

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Decorate in black and white is not as easy as it seems, since it is necessary to find the right balance, so that our house doesn't look like a chessboard ... It's advisable to go adding touches of black to an essentially white decor. Wood is a natural element fitting perfectly in this type of decor as it can provide a more welcoming feel to this perhaps too cold atmosphere...

Sunday, February 15



Just beautiful in every kitchen!