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Friday, May 30

Happy families

the socialite family

I had a crush on this marvelous blog about families' houses... 
All the places are absolutely gorgeous and stylish...
It is a great discovery!

Thursday, May 29



Wednesday, May 28

A cottage in Sweden

All white and bright... Just what I like 

Tuesday, May 27

"miroir, mon beau miroir..."

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I've always loved to have a mirror on the floor like in these pictures... 
I used to have one in my bedroom when I was living in Paris... 
I think I am going to look for one to buy... 
I like when it's old and cracked... It is more magical...

Monday, May 26

Helt Enkelt


I recommend you to go to visit this beautiful place, where stunning pictures
of Anna-Malin's lifestyle and house, create a beautiful and elegant atmosphere.

Sunday, May 25

A spanish appartment

 Via The style fyles

This beautiful appartment is located in Barcelona. The Spanish interior designer Meritxtell Ribé 
 has renovated the site conserving the old part and mixing it with modern elements.
The result is a bright and stylish appartment where antique and modern make a singular mix.

Saturday, May 24


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Pretty nice ideas to store your beautiful ceramic in your kitchen.

Friday, May 23


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The paper bag
Available at Bodie and Fou concept Store.

Do you like wallpapers?

Some time ago I made a post about it and found so many great wallpapers...
 Love so much the one from Ferm Living, those from Deborah Bownes,  and Louise Body.

Tuesday, May 20



Thank you minted for such a lovely present!!!

Some time ago I made a post about this lovely shop, "MINTED" and in order to thank me they made this beautiful present to my little princess ... 
It is really fun, because you can customize your order with pictures and text... 
Also it is really well presented in a lovely box ... 

Monday, May 19

Beautiful styling

From here

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