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Saturday, November 16

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Somwhere in the middle of Scotland

 Foto: © Alexis Armanet (2011) The New York Times Syndicate 

The top model Stella Tennant and her husband the photographer David Lasnet
live in this incredible castle in Scotland. They are the perfect
example of a beautiful and happy familly ...
I saw and enjoyed  those pictures so many times, but I dindn't know the source...

Tuesday, November 12

At Home with Elisabeth Heier

Elisabeth Heier-Werner is a young Norwegian blogger, interior designer, mummy 
and a fervent of photography ... Through this interview she shows us 
her beautiful and inspiring world and talks about her lifestyle and passions.

Pictures:  Elisabeth Heier Text Lottilou 

What can you tell us about yourself, in few words?
I am a thirty one year old and I am married to Kenneth. We live in an old loft in the centre of Oslo with our two kids, 
Ole (3 year) and Sophia (1 year).
Presently I'm staying home with Sophia, and I am also starting up with my own business as an interior designer.
Where do you live?
In June we will be moving from the city to a house on the countryside ...
Although I love so much living the urban life, I'm looking forward to sitting outside my kitchen with my morning 
coffee and watch the kids playing in the garden.
How would you define your interior style?
It is actually very difficult to define it, but I would say that it is a mix of things I love with Scandinavian, 
oriental and industrial style items ... It is indeed a very personal mix.
I like when the base it's bright and white, with grey, black and wooden details.
I've had recently a crush on for the pink colour ... not the neon one, but the dusty pale
palette. I can't think right now on a prettier colour.
Do you have any designer icon at home?
I have the Eames RAR chair, and so many designer icons on my wish list!

Do you have any favourite item at home?
My Nespresso coffee machine and the milk frothier!
Staying at home with a baby means to drink a lot of coffee which has to be really good.
My husband bought the milk frothier only a few months ago ... I really don't understand why we haven't 
bought it sooner.
Could you describe in few words your professional experience?
I am an interior designer. So far I have been working with retail design, and interior design, both for private 
homes and public areas.
When did you create your blog? What is the purpose of it?
I have started blogging in August 2011 after reading many interior blogs.
My passion for interior and photography was the reason I started, I wanted to share my creative work and 
inspire others. I discovered soon that the blogosphere it's really a nice place to be part of, and I have met 
so many nice people.

What do you like doing when you are at home? (any creative activity, any hidden talent)?
When I am not with my family and have some spare time, I love taking photos, it makes me forget about time 
and space ... Although the best way for me to relax it's baking something. I also love doing craft activities with 
my children, I hope that in the future they will enjoy as much as I do being creative.
How do you like to surround yourself at home?
O course I like to be surrounded by my friends and family!
In addition I always try to have fresh flowers on the dinner table which gives the hint of color needed in my 
monochrome home.
We have old wooden beams going through our apartment, which demands a lot of attention therefore I am keeping 
the rest of the interior quite calm.
What is the last item you bought? (in the design or fashion's field)
A Mark Eden Schooley lamp for our new home.
Do you have any favorite perfume?
Narciso Rodriguez, for Her

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Pinterest for ever

Pictures: Pinterest

We are 1000 
on Pinterest
That's just Super-duper !!!

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Thursday, November 7

At Home with MRS Hardy

Manuela Hardy is a blogger and owner of a very creative webshop that she has recently opened ... Her house is decorated in a Scandinavian bohemian style with Arabian soul; absolutly beautiful and tasteful, all decorated by her as she is an interior designer apart from being an amateur photographer ... In this interview she talks about her lifestyle and her love for handcraft and DIY...
Pictures:  Manuela Hardy Text: Lottilou
Featured at Flair Fashion and Home magazine

Where do you live? 
I live with my family, in a little white house in Sandnes, which is close to Stavanger in Norway.
How would you define your interior style?
It is a tricky question, but I think I will define it as Scandinavian Bohemian style. Despite the fact that I like so many different kinds of styles, what I like a lot is mixing old and new stuff together. Winter is such a dark season in Norway because the sun sets earlier than in Summer. That is why the Scandinavian style is so bright, I guess ... It suits the circumstances. Also, we lived in Dubai so I like to give to the interior a touch of Arabian lay-back style. But I like changing styles very often though ...
Do you have any designer icon at home?
I don't have any, but I would really love to have something from Arne Jacobsen.
Do you have any favourite item?
From Arne Jacobsen, The Egg chair and The Mauren Chair or the Fritz Hansen Grand Prix Chair.
What do you like doing when you are at home?
I love to do handcraft on my own or with my children. I also like a lot taking photographs, painting and blogging ... I usually paint abstract, but what I like most is to mix different kinds of medias, like pictures with painting. Also I am very keen on designing furniture like the big white dinnertable that we have in the living room, the bench/sofa table and also some shelfs ...

Could you describe in few words your professional experience?
I have been working as a technical drawer/cad operator for a few years now. But I am also an interior designer, and I love taking pictures, although I'm not a proper photographer.
When did you create your online shop? What kind of items do you sell on it?
I created it at the beginning of 2013. Actually it is an extension of my little Blogshop. I sell prints and other things I do like pendants and paintings. Everything in the shop is made by me.

How do you like to surround yourself at home? With my family, on the first floor. But I also enjoy a lot being on my own at home ... Apart from my family, I'm often surrounded by a lot of handcrafting that can easily drive my husband so frustrated ... Also, I love to be surrounded by candles, good music and tulips ...
What is the last item you bought? (in the design or fashion's field)
I am not completely sure about what I bought, but I just got some old school chairs from a friend ...
Do you have some interesting addresses that you would like to share?
There are just so many great websites, but I recently discovered
I also love divas and dreams blog. I think it is
Do you have any favorite perfume?
I like trying different perfumes, but currently I'm using Escada,Taj Sunset perfume.

Contact info
Manuela Hardy 

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Tuesday, November 5

Just between the Five & the Six

Picture: Here
Today it was my dad's birthday ( He left us six month ago for a better place ... )

Tomorrow it's mine ...

I just want to celebrate life with all of you 
and wish that I will never, ever, forget my father's eternal  
"Joie de vivre"

"My father was something of a rainbow-chaser." - Marc Davis and me

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Sunday, November 3

At home with Elvera

Elvera is a Dutch blogger, fascinated by the minimalist decor with a touch of Scandinavian soul. 
She loves soft colors, and of course black & white. 
Passionate about changing her home very often, she adores making mood boards on the walls, 
which is something that especially relaxes her. 
She shares all her ideas and curiosities in her interior blog, ELV'S. 

Pictures : ELV'S Text: Lottilou

1. Where are you from?
I was born in "Zeeland", a province in the South-West of Holland.
2. How did you come to live here?
Due to my husband's work we moved to the North about sixteen years ago ... although I really miss the sea, it's fantastic to live near Amsterdam and the "IJsselmeer" lake. Currently, I live in a modern town house in former Dutch East India Company town of Hoorn, in Northern Holland.
3. How would you define your interior design style?
Well, it is very difficult to describe. I would say eclectic, clean, with a minimal touch of Scandinavian soul.
I change the decoration every single week ... I just love to experiment. I love to play with textures and images on my walls, creating a very personal atmosphere...
4. Do you have any favorite colour?
Sometimes I use pinks or greens, but always within the context of my original palette; black and white, grey and some natural elements as wood for warmth!
5. Do you have any favorite item at home?
I Love my black "VTwonen" star that I have filled with little lights. I´ve had it for a long time, but I still like it in my living room.

6. How do you like to surround yourself at home?
For me it is important to make my home a very cozy place being surrounded by my family. I love calm and light atmosphere after a chaotic and stressful day. That's why I prefer the clean and minimal feeling of the Scandinavian style, but it doesn't mean that my home has to be a museum, it's essential that my son's colorful art and toys have their own place in the living room.
7. Do you have any special corner or any particular place you really like to be when you are at home?
I love to sit at the dinner table right in the middle of our living room, this is really the place where everybody loves to be, the central place from where you can have a look outside and enjoy the green view to the garden, the place where we drink our coffee, where kids do their drawings and games, and where we have dinner all together with family and friends....
8. Do you have any special activity you like to do most when you are at home?
Besides changing my home very often, I love making pictures and sharing them on Instagram. I also love making mood boards, it inspires and relaxes me a lot, I would say that it helps me clear my head of ideas and thoughts!
9. Do you have any favorite designer icon?
My absolute favorite is the egg and swan chair designer, Arne Jacobsen. I love the Fritz Hansen label as well, but I must say that I am also very keen on the Ikea "design".
10. How did you end being an interior Blogger?
I always loved the inspiring interior magazines and the wonderful interior blogs, besides, I was always busy transforming my own home and making pictures. One day a friend asked me why I didn't share my ideas and my love for interior having my own blog ... that's how I started, and I am glad of the advice, I really love it!

11. How would you describe a typical day?
My day starts like many families', I guess. Very early in the morning, I prepare and have breakfast with my family, then I take my sons to school, and I rush to the office. As we are all busy during the day with school, work, sports and socializing, we always have dinner together, This is with no doubt my favorite moment, I love to listen to everyone's stories and jokes while eating ... it is lovely! I spend most of my evenings behind my PC, blogging or visiting my favorite blogs ... And of course, I love reading my magazines and books, and I adore shopping!
12. What can you tell us about your neighbourhood and its atmosphere?
I live in a very quiet and pleasant neighbourhood where everybody knows each other, all children play together. In Summer, when we spend much time outside, we organize neighbourhood barbecues or coffee meetings ... It's just like living in a little village, it is very friendly!
13. Do you have any favorite place you like to visit? 
My hometown at the Dutch coast is my favorite place to go, but I love travelling, my father is from France so I have been there a lot. I also love the beauty of Scandinavia. There are still many places in the world on my wish-list! Beauty is everywhere ...
14. Which is your favorite perfume?
I have several ... but my favorite is Prada.

My Interview to the Blogger Elvera from ELV'S. She shows us her minimalist and monochrome house

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