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Wednesday, June 13

Summer it's almost here

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.

Tuesday, June 12

Je veux de la couleur !!!

I want colours in my life ...

a lot of colours!!!! ;)


Monday, June 11

Thank you soooo much

To those three Blogs that I adore


for the Blog con estilo award
for the Liebster Blog award

Thank you very much !!!

and these is my selection 
For the Blog con estilo award

For the Liebster blog award


And of course all the blogs that I have in my favorites, deserves the award!!!
Also, I want to make a special thank you to all my followers 

Thursday, June 7

Happy birthday jolie princesse

Yesterday it was my little baby's birthday, which is not a baby anymore, i was sooo busy and i even didn't have one minute to post on her birthday's day.
So i just want to say Happy birthday jolie Lou!!!! (one day late)
Love u so much!!!


Tuesday, June 5

Happy !

Tomorrow it's my daughter's birthday! And i am so nervous, a lot of things to prepare, and I feel a bit nostalgic ... a bit sad ...
6 years old already !!! snif ...

Monday, June 4

Bon Lundi !

I am so happy because until this day (3 days in total) I have already sold tree illustrations!!!! ;)

Saturday, June 2

Friday, June 1

Aelita Andre

WoW !!! That's realy awesome!!!
Sorce creative-geisslein


I have been so busy lately preparing illustrations for Madrid in Love's Pop UP.
For those who don't know the place, as it is in Madrid, it's an event organized every 6 month, where you can find industrial furniture, and other lovely details ...
It is realy nice, if you are in Madrid you shwould realy have a look to the place, also you can eat in situ!