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Thursday, July 7

Today's mood

Love this Kitchen, especially the floor
source: lolita

Picture source: weheartit

Just dicovered her. Love her music.
She is Portuguese, but her english it's perfect. I recomend to you all the album, in the two languages.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as i do...
Have a good day!!!

Tuesday, July 5

Ese o ese

My sister told me about this nice label
I found it very nice

Friday, July 1

Have a lovely weekend!

I am going now to the swimmig pool, having sun, and playing with my little girl and her friend!
Enjoy your weekend!!!
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Ideas for my new house


Thursday, June 30

What is happiness???

For me happiness it's everything that makes you happy, but over all it is a a way of life and a way of thinking!
And I really believe that if you are happy person you will have a very happy life!
So start being HAPPY!!!
Source birdwithbrokenbones

Tuesday, June 28

Sun and...

Now it's time to go to the swimming pool!!!!
Have a very good afternoon
Source Lolitas
French by design

Monday, June 27

a bit of everything for Mondays

Nice looks!

Some ideas for my new house...

Love that pict!

Have avery good day!

pictures from: french by design


Monday, June 20

Picture Weheartit
French by design

Summer's day!!!

Sun, beach, swimming pool, barbecue, fun, friends, children, laugh, music, mojitos...
Summer it's starting very well!!!!!
Pictures: Weheartit