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Monday, June 13

My baby is loosing her teeth

Oh my!!! 2 teeth in 1 week!!!! If it doesn't stop falling she will have no teeth to eat!!!
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Thursday, June 9

About cars

I want to make a special tribute to my car. Next 16 of june it will be 4 years old already.
Appart from the fact that i adore my car so much, i have had very good time with it until this day. What i realy preffer is listening to my beloved music, very loud, and sing, very loud, it is the only place where i can do it!!!!
I am loving it!!!!
What about you, do you like driving your car?
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Wednesday, June 8

Just in the middle

I like this look!

Some ideas for my new house!!! ;)

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& thesartorialist

Friday, June 3

Have a lovely weekend!

Picture from Lolita
Be kind, even to those who are not
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Thursday, June 2

A Celebration

My little princess it's having her 5 years old birthday on Monday!
I am taking ideas from everywhere for her birthday's party. Here i took some picture's inspirations.
mmm hope it's going to be a nice party!
The pictures are from the blogs i like, but i don't really remember exactly where are them from. Sorry

Monday, May 30