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Friday, February 25

For fridays

"If you own who you are, thats just beautiful."

Vanessa Hudgens
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Wednesday, February 23


Beautiful places to rent in england
From here

a flying bird

I like so much draws with birds, i don't know why...,

I think it's for what they represent, smething delicate, pure, beautiful, free...
A bird it's like a tiny and beatiful old box of music.

This image it's from that nice magazine that my friend Eva sent to me..., have a look here

Nice looks

2 pair of jeans for two nice looks for spring
Via this new blog that i just dicovered
The perfect 10

Tuesday, February 22


Chad Robertson and Elzabeth Prueitt
at tartine Backery San Francisco
and at home
from the Selby

Friday, February 18


Sometimes you need to remaind yourself that everything it's gonna be alright!

Thursday, February 17

positif thoughts

Lately i am very posive and in an open mood so I just love to read this type of sentences...
Vía Abundance


John Isaacs

Georg Herold

The amazing Francesca Woodman

Shirin Neshat, a really good dicovery

Yesterday we've been to arco, and as always there were very nice things and really awful staff!!!
Above you can see some of my favorites...

Monday, February 14

L'amour ça fait chanter la vie

En ce 14 fevrier on parlent d'amour, Jean Vallée, mon oncle, parle d'amour merveilleusement bien!!!!
Eurovision 1978

Friday, February 11

have a very nice weekend!!!

We have planned to go for a picnic. I hope the weather it's with us.

Here you can find some advices for how to create the perfect picnic
Picture from Sabino