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Monday, October 18

Il mondo di James Plumb

James Russel and Hannah Plumb. They are a couple of London's designers. I think all they make it's really beautiful.
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... Soyez patient en face de tout ce qui n'est pas résolu dans votre coeur. Essayer d'aimer vos questions elles-mêmes... Ne cherchez pas... des réponses qui ne peuvent vous être apportées parceque vous ne saurez pas... les vivre. Et il s'agit précisément de tout vivre. Ne vivez pour l'instant que vos questions. Peut-être simplement... finirez-vous par rentrer insensiblement, un jour, dans les réponses.
Ranier Maria Bilke

Friday, October 15

Bon Weekend!!!

We have planed such a nice weekend at the city center!!!!!!!

some changes

My room it's getting so cute, i've made some little changes, and it's starting to be what i wanted, There is some more changes required but step by step...
Thank you to my friend Patusibu for giving me those nices apple's boxes

Thursday, October 14


Source: Audreyhepburnecomplex, here and below

Peace in my mind

Lately i am doing Yoga, and i am felling so great, it is so pleaseant to make something good for your body and your head!!! appart from eating well, sleeping, and of course laughing a lot!!!

Friday, October 8

Nice spaces


When we were on holidays we've been in an animal's park, they are sooo cute!!!

I think my baby it's and artist...

Ready to eat

I adore eating well and healthy but it has to be always in a beautiful way no matter where or how...