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Tuesday, April 20

Los pies en la tierra

Conocéis esta expresión, no????, pues eso es exactamente lo que tengo que lograr hacer, mantener los pies bien pegaditos al suelo...
Algo que llevaba esperando muchísimo tiempo, podría llegar a realizarse, algo que esperaba realmente, pero que nunca pensé que llegaría..., sólo me hace falta ser muy paciente y volver a creer un poquito en el universo!!!!...

Lucky one

I want a Chanel bag!!!!
Source: fashiontoast

Beautiful Images

These images make me dream...
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Somebody told me about that store yesterday, it's for children , but they have nice clothes for adults.

Friday, April 16


I like it!!!!

So sweet!!!

I love that clothes from room seven, it's so colourfull and girly... I just love the wellies...

Wednesday, April 14

Juno, a littel reminder...

Juno - I need to know if love for ever exists.
father - You just have to find someone who loves you for exactly what you are!!!!

Monday, April 12

La vie en rose.

This Weekend i've been painting..., i don't really know if i like the result though, too pink i think!!!.
I've done this paint fot my bedroom, i've been redecorating it, also I went to ikea, an i bought some new stuff, the thing is that when you change something, then you need to change a lot of more things , to make it switch..., well now i need to change, my curtains, i need to buy a new lamp, and a bedside table...
I really need to be patient!

Kid's store

I found this nice store for children, it's diferent, it's nice!. To see more click here.

Thursday, April 8


We had such a good time on holiday!!!!, As good as i though, good weather, calm, beatifull, sweet, just perfect!!!...