seeks to be bohemian, ecological, deeply rooted to the human being, to history and to anthropology

Tuesday, January 12

Another nice blog

I just love to search for new nice blogs... This one has a really nice athmosphere.

Monday, January 11

Lisa Stickley

I have those mugs...

and I'd like to buy these others...

Another really cool Blog
Another really nice swedish blog, that i've kept in my beloved list. I just love that lifestyle...

Wednesday, December 23

It is Christmas!!!

I wish you, all my readers, a merry christmas an a happy new year!!!. I will be of for hollidays, leaving my laptop behind until next year, 2010.

oh, my deer!

Of All Living Creatures, Why A Human Being?

I recomend this CD to everyone. I've just discovered this girl, she is half spanish half english. She has done a really good job in this album.

Monday, December 21


Wednesday, December 16

Wednesday, December 9

oh Chritmas tree!

My tree is starting to get so beautiful, every year i buy something new for it, this time i bought those pretty birds from Simrane.