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Thursday, March 17


Made in Spain with Love

When I first visited ÁBBATTE, I fell immediately under its spell. 
It is a place that exudes harmony and savoir faire in all its essence. 
A place that tells you a story...
ÁBBATTE it's a brand that creates hand made textiles at the
Medieval Abbey of Santa María de la Sierra,
on the northern side of the Guadarrama mountains, -Segovia-.
All pieces are woven from high quality natural fibres. 
Their design are based on the structural effects of those fibres. 

Alpaca, Alpaca & silk, Silk, Merino wool & Linnen, are brought from 
all over the world to represent the brand.

Have a look here for more details

Each piece are slowly hand woven with good care and thoroughness 
by a local group of weavers. 
They create artistic objects for the everyday life. 
First, samples are made from previous designs. 
Next, weavers prepare the threads and place them on the loom. 
So, everything its ready to be weaved. 
As soon as the textiles are woven they are hand washed and finished.

On the same location, ÁBBATTE harvests natural plants for dying, with the dual objective of supplying the company with natural dyes as well as spreading awareness about these plant species. Additionally, Ábbatte is working to bring back the  Rubia tinctorum, -an ancient specie of dye plant, which are used to be widely used throughout Castille-.

It is worth it to have a look at the Video to discover the site!!!

Abbatte from Pixel e hijos on Vimeo.

Courses and Workshops are organised at the Abbey

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. It is really beautiful!!! Thanks to you Connie!!!