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Saturday, November 28



1 MUUTO / UNDER THE BELL / Iskos Berlin
2 Innovation Unfurl Sofa Bed
4 MUUTO / SPLIT / Staffan Holm

New section on Lottilou... 

I picked out some beautiful pieces of furniture to match with a very pretty house.

Thursday, November 26

A Room + a Style

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Your style it's unique, and personal. 
You have to find it, then your all life will fit with yourself...

Fashion fades
Only style remains the same

Friday, November 20

Wishlist for the bathroom



In my next home I would love having a very spacious, bright and airy bathroom... 
I would like to have it all white, with just some touches of colors ... 
I like blue for the bathroom, it is a color that reminds me of purity and harmony ... 

If I had a spacious bathroom I would get a clawfoot tub... 
I love this one in particular that I found on PlumbTile website,
where they have all brands and all styles!!!

So if you're looking for bathroom remodeling ideas, PlumbTile is the place to visit!

Thursday, November 19


Credit: MUUTO

Founded in 2008, the young Danish publishing house Muuto represents the new wave of Scandinavian design.
Two young designers are behind Muuto, their concept is to develop the traditional Scandinavian design in a new and original context. For this, they rely on the creativity of a new generation of talented Nordic designers

Read more here

Monday, November 16

Un peu de tendresse dans ce monde de brutes

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Imagine all the people living life in peace. 
You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. 
I hope someday you'll join us, 
and the world will be as one.
John Lennon

He said everything...
I have no more to say

Tuesday, November 3

My ideal workspace

Now that I am a freelancer and that I work from home most of the days. I am very interested in workspaces and I like to imagine how mine would be. As for now, what I do is to take possession of the dining table until my daughter comes home from school or even till the evening...

In the following images, I found great insipiration, dependending on the space I would have.

My Inspiration for a small and tiny appartment

This is a GREAT idea... so you can close the desk when you finish working and you gain plenty of space... plus it is very chic... It is a mix between minimalism and scandinavian style... Love it!


My Inspiration for a medium size appartment

I'd love to have shelves on the wall. I think it's great to put those things you love: pictures, candles (I am a huge lover) quotes, and so you can see them all, while you are working.
Besides being very aesthetic it is a very convenient idea.

My Inspiration for a huge appartment

I would love having my desk on the middle of the room. It is like being the king of the world. with everything you need around you... Everything is disposed to make your life easier... I would love having this workspace, plus I could receive my clients at home... No more meetings at the coffe shop...

My Inspiration for a house

This option is splendid! Appart from having my desk with my computer, there would be plenty of space for painting or making photography... Plenty of space for books. Lots of light... Wow that is a great opcion! The problem is that for now, I prefer living in a flat in the center than living in the suburbs... That is a tiny problem!

And finally...


That is a very interesting option, because you share your space 
with other people, and you can do interesting contacts for your business, besides you are not alone all day on and you can work in a great atmosphere... 
The thing is that in Spain I haven't found a place like WeWork, a coworking company with a mission to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living! ... Appart from this great philosophy, their space it's really so enjoyable. You should go have a look on the web to see if you have a WeWork office space in your city!

But if you are a freelancer, WeWork offers benefits to grow your business from anywhere in the world.

That is a realy good news!

Sunday, November 1

My dream house

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Sober, orderly, elegant, 
it is a decoration that I love more and more... 

Minimalist and classic whilst being modern and very personal!

It could be a house from Belgium or Holland, it is a style 
very proper of this area. 

I love!