seeks to be bohemian, ecological, deeply rooted to the human being, to history and to anthropology

Friday, October 30

My moodboard

Living a grey life !!!

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In some way I feel very inspired by all this images, 
GREY is mainly what they have in common ...

For me, grey is the color of elegance, of cities, of culture 
is the color of life itself, 
as life is not black nor white... is grey, 
but in the good sense of the word!

Tuesday, October 27

The scent of Moroccan rose

1 Lottilou's picture
2 Ecological and ethical home designs by Valentina Hoyos
3 Linen towels

I just got my candle True Grace from the online shop Amara
It has a delicious and heady scent of Moroccan rose. 
I'm delighted!
Thank you so much!

You should definitely visit AMARA, it has a multitude of accessories, furniture and products for your home, 
you won't be disappointed

Saturday, October 24

My wishlist for today

1 Brown Rug
2 Mud dinnerware
3 Wooden door
4 Couch 

Passion for Natural, wood, ceramic, recycled furniture...
Everything that last and tells you a story... 

Choose less and better!!

Thursday, October 22

Inside my closet

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My wishlist for October...

Everything in grey, natural and brown colors...
For a casual look but always chic and elegant

Saturday, October 17

My dream house

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Beautiful inspiration 
Latent industrial style, with modernist touches 
and minimalist essence. 
It is a decoration that I love. 
I like clarity, large and open spaces...
The mix of styles and materials, 
all this, makes a house being ultra charismatic.

Monday, October 12

In the mood for ... natural

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Everything which is natural and Eco it's very welcome in my life...
I want everything to be simple and neat... 
Everything to be white and bright.
I think it's important to find a harmony between mind,
body and the environment where you live.
Life is a matter of balance!

Saturday, October 10

A room + A style

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1 2
1 2

I am back with a ROOM A STYLE 
Because our style it's also our home. 
It is our personality in all its forms. 
How to combine decor and style in images, creating an unique identity.

Tuesday, October 6

October feelings

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This is a palette of colors that inspire me a lot for October.
It's starting to be cold outside and we feel like staying more at home surrounded by what we realy like...

Tender colors, beautiful cups for coffee, silk sheets for my bed, like if I was a real princess, soft lighting, beautiful atmosphere...
Have a look at this shop where you can find all kind of silk bedding sets. Oosilk

Soft and tender

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All this colors inspire me a lot... 
Grey, pink, white...
I love those colors in any season because it makes me feel serene