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Friday, August 28

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1. NORTHMODERN 1.618 – A Sustainable Future
Meet up with Barbara Coignet, founder and director of the sustainable luxury fair in Paris
Why did you decide to start 1.618?
“It was during a time when I was very concerned with the changes in the world and new economies. I began asking my PR clients in the fashion business about their commitment to sustainability. But the designers’ attitude was that you can either be creative, or you can save the planet; they didn’t believe it was possible to combine creativity and quality with sustainability. I decided to find examples to prove them wrong: Look at this building, this bag, this item. In the process I began collecting attractive and sustainable brands from all over the world. That was the birth of the 1.618 project.”
2. Alvar Aalto Chair
4. Home Floor Remodeling Before and After 
There are thousands of ways to improve the look and value of your home. One way is to remodel your home flooring throughout the house. Although this may seem like a pricey remodel project, it can be very simple and cost efficient. 
The Before 
If the consideration of remodeling the hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring in your home has come up, then chances are it needs it. There are many causes of damage to flooring over time. These damages can add up, and create an unappealing look to your room. The flooring can make the room look odd and even create moods to change. If you are walking into a home and the floor is old, rustic looking, you might feel differently than if it was a modernized marble looking vinyl floor that you were walking onto. 
And The After 
As mentioned before the type of flooring that you have in a room can create a mood. Depending on what type of flooring that you decide to replace the current with, you can create a room that has a completely different mood. The new floor could also prove to be a money saver on bills, depending on if it has added insulation or extra layers. Wood flooring is common for its look and feel, but if pieced together can come up in connected areas. So the after may be gorgeous, but taking care of the flooring can also make it last longer, preventing a future remodeling to occur quicker than you’d like.
While you are in the process of remodeling your home flooring, be sure to take before and after pictures. This will allow you to see the improvement that you have made, along with all of the hard work and dedication that you put into that improvement. Home floor remodeling before and after can be a brilliant way to add value to your home and create something that you can take pride in.

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