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Tuesday, March 17

Refined and simple

 A come back to 
what is realy Important in life


Minimalist trend

As you know one of the things I like to do most on this blog it is to create examples of 
what would be my perfect house ... 
 On this occasion, I have meant to create a house simple and airy above all, free of unnecessary objects, free of extraneous items. A house that breathes the essentials ... 
 A minimalist house ... 
Minimalism is a trend that I like more and more ... Get rid of all that weight that complicate
your life considerably, everything that hinders growth and personal development. 

Minimalism emerged in the late 60s in New York, in reaction to the ornate styles of that time 
(mainly Pop Art) and communicational saturation within the aesthetic universe. 

Once again, it is a current that sets the trend, this time as a reaction against an exaggerated and disproportionate consumerism, which has made us lose sight of what is really essential in life ...  

"We have exaggerated the superfluous, we no longer have the necessary" Proudhon

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