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Wednesday, December 31

I wish you a happy New year!!!!!

I wish you all a very great year, exciting and fruitful. 

This year has been to me a year of many changes, many chapters have been closed. 
A year of important decisions that have completely changed my life...

 But also a year of meeting with myself... 
A year to think and decide which is the new direction I want to give to my life... 
A great opportunity to stop and look at my life. 
A chance to see everything that has happened 
and how quickly it passed...

New ways, new projects are coming my way, I have good hopes for 2015
I really wish it'll be a positive year, hopeful and encouraging to all. 
A page is closed to make way to a new chapter... 
Great opportunities to be a better person...

I wish you all a very great year, exciting and fruitful. 

Tuesday, December 30

Inspiration NOW


Lots of white with touches of bright colors... Modern and personal
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Lots of white with touches of bright colors... I like it!
I love that piece  of art by Chantal Leger... 
It adds a modern touch to this living room, making it much more personal.

Sunday, December 28

Being Green

Ideas to reduce plastic use and to go green

To be more ecological and respectful with our planet; Ideas to reduce the use of plastics.

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To be more ecological and respectful of our planet, that is my wish for 2015. 
Plastic invades our planet... it is not recycled, it's not destroyed and it pollutes enormously. 
Therefore, we should try to reduce gradually its use to save our world...

Friday, December 26

Inspired by

Inspired by this great decoration, all white, wood and natural colors

All in white, wood and natural colors... Everything I like!

Wednesday, December 24

Friday, December 19

Christmas Holidays!

Moodboard: Getting all ready for Christmas holidays, starting today
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Today it's the last day of school, Christmas holidays are starting now!!! 

Tuesday, December 16

Fashion gray

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas. Fashion gray: Elegant, chic, sophisticated, classic but modern
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The color gray is the right balance between black and white, my two favorite colors... 
White for interior and black for fashion... 
For instance, gray, it's my best-loved color for everything since it's elegant, chic,
sophisticated, classic, but always modern... 

Sunday, December 14

Closets: Mara Hruby's Interview with StyleLikeU

 Mara Hruby: Beautiful inside and out

Friday, December 12

Beautiful apartment in Sweden

Apartment in Sweden with minimalist decor, soft colors and a lot of white

I found this bright and tasteful apartment through this page to rent and buy in Sweden...
What I most like is the minimalist decor with soft colors and a lot of white.
The apartment has just the furniture needed to be beautiful...

See other locations through the same page

Thursday, December 11

The Striped Shirt


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 Striped shirt style

Any possible way of wearing a striped shirt is good. 
It is perfect for both casual and elegant styles... 
The striped shirt gives character, identity, style, personality... Always adds a plus to your outfit.
Striped shirt and trench are both a must have as they arbasic in fashion!

Wednesday, December 10

My dream house

My dream house

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I love recreating the house of my dreams with pictures that I grab here and there... 
Sometimes the result is very surprising like here where he pictures match so perfectly, 
you wouldn't even think that it is not a proper house...
Bright house, with a clearly defined style.

It was also fun doing those houses: 
1 or 2 or even 3

Tuesday, December 9

Perfect combination of styling

Perfect combination of styling

I could perfectly imagine myself wearing those clothes while working in a great space like this one. 
It is just the perfect combination of styling. Don't you think?

Monday, December 8

Christmas inspiration

Moodboard: Christmas inspiration
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Christmas is around the corner, and as here it is a day off,
we've been decorating the house with the tree, flowers, lights...
While listening at Christmas music of course!

Sunday, December 7

Charismatic location

Charismatic location

Charismatic location

This place is perfect for a fashion photo session or to shoot a publicity spot for a luxury good. 
What I like is the juxtaposition between the declining and unusual place which is it,
with the image of perfection that gives the product. 
Again, what I like is the mix of decadence and luxury.

Saturday, December 6

Soft styling

soft styling

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I found in this images a perfect combination of pastels, a beautiful mix of styles 
and sweet tones where simplicity is the result... 
A balm for the eyes and senses.
In these days of winter and cold,
I wanted to remember this post about knitting...
Because I feel like making a biiig scarf

Wednesday, December 3