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Monday, May 5

My dream house

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I grabbed pictures from here and there to recreate my perfect home.
Fresh and bright environments with soft colors that inspire tranquility...
Lots of white, wood and some touches of colors ... everything I love ...


  1. Très sympa-:)
    Bonne semaine

  2. Bonne semaine à toi aussi Kate !!! Merciiii

  3. This is great! Anyway, are you fond of rustic and country home styles? Then again, who would not fall in love with such a setup? It is a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere, especially if your house is located near the field or the ocean, where you can find peace after a long day of work. Thanks for sharing!

    Gina Sutton @ Traditions Realty Team

  4. Yes !!!! I love country styles!!!! Thanx for your sweet comment

  5. Great choice! And in my opinion, a white-themed room never goes out of style. It may be simple with regard to its appearance, but it definitely has a lot of redeeming qualities, such as attracting natural light, exudes a homey effect that helps you relax while still keeping its modern touch, as well as give your home a pristine and classy feel. Anyway, I hope one day you’ll be able to own your dream house. Cheers!

    Juana Adams @ Manage My Property

  6. I could fancy how dreamy your perfect home would be. It’s hard to believe you just grabbed those random photos to recreate your dream house. Each part complements one another, and it’s not difficult to envision how impeccable they would be if they all truly belong in one house. Thanks for sharing!

    Willard Evans @ WOW Homes