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Wednesday, April 30

Tuesday, April 29

Spring athmosphere

Beautiful images
from this pretty shop
Happy Home

Don't forget our beautiful GIVEAWAY from the pretty shop Cartabille

Sunday, April 27


Today we have a special guest at LOTTILOU, 
Laure, from this pretty shop: Cartabille, would like 
to make a GREAT GIVEAWAY...

This beautiful cup and the spoon of your choice can be yours if you leave a comment
 on this post in order to make a draw. 
You have from today until the May 11 th to do it...
So Wish you all good luck!!!

Discover Who is behind Cartabille 

Laure is 28 years old, she spent 27 in Paris, A beautiful morning she decided to see 
what was going on elsewhere than the capital. So she found her new little nest in Bourgogne. 
Since, she lives with 3 friends and 3 cats in a house by the river. "A small paradise on earth!"

Her dream was to open a shop of objects; a happy mishmash, with a space for decoration, 
a children's corner with wooden toys and candies, a stationery corner, a library, and a coffee shop. 
But as she did not found the suitable place yet, she decided to open Cartabille on the web! 

Her purpose with Cartabille it is to bring good humor and prettiness in people lives, 
and make the decoration accessible to all.

Saturday, April 26

Simply beautiful


Decorating your dining room can be very easy and cheap ... 
You just need a raw wood or painted table and all kind of chairs, the more colorful and 
diferent they are, the best  ... 
Mix styles and your home will be more genuine ...

Friday, April 25

Homage au velo

Sebastian Donath
Vía thisispaper

This beautiful place it's the studio/house of the photographer  Sebastian Donath, who devise a furniture project called “Homage au velo“ based on the integration of old and used bicycle parts as construction and design elements. These pieces of furniture demonstrate the possibility of redefining used and seemingly worthless objects in our materialistic society.
The recycled bicycle components used in the construction of the furniture are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and also possess an ecologic, pedagogic, and ideal value. (S.Donath)

Thursday, April 24

Knit, knit, knit


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  Knitting is in vogue ... 
Both in decor and fashion, what is very trendy it is to create your very own designs ...
So find here some interesting webs for knitting everything you like ! Have fun!

I recommend
And this Beautiful blog

Wednesday, April 23

Linen sheets

Couleur locale conceptstore

Beautiful, elegant and cozy .... they are just perfect for spring time !

Wednesday, April 16

Interview to the great Michael Alan for Superlative



I am so happy to show you this interview that I have done to the great artist Michael Alan ...

Monday, April 14


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This is my last painting ... 
I found interesting to mix it up with atmospheres similar in color and light ...
Lets hope you like!

Sunday, April 13

It is all about painting

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Lately I have been thinking a lot about painting.
I have done an interview to a great New York artist and
it gave me somehow the desire to go back to the brush ... 
Maybe one of these days ...

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
Thomas Merton

Saturday, April 5

Ode to elegance

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Elegance is champagne, strawberry, sparkling water ... 
Elegance is in little things, is good taste and simplicity, is neutral colors but also black ... 
Elegance is innocence, nature, tranquility, art ... 
Elegance is water, diamonds, purity, friendship ...

Elegance is all in the mind of the wearer. 
Philip Treacy