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Saturday, March 1

At Home with Livette la Suissette

Livette la Suissette

Livie Belaz is currently living in Paris, in a beautiful and bright duplex apartment, 
with a prestigious terrace on the roof. Her place is located in a bobo district of Paris, 
popular, but always romantic, a few steps away from the Canal Saint Martin 
(The Canal St-Martin is a 4.5 km long canal that crosses the Xe and XIe districts in Paris). 
Livie talks and shows us in this interview her little nest and her coloring and very personal 
textile creations for home, but also for small and not so small people ...
Text: Lottilou. Pictures: Livie Belaz 
Featured at Flair Fashion and Home Magazine

livette la suissette

Briefly tell us who you are 
I was born in Switzerland. I'm forty years old and I have two adorable children ...
Could you describe your professional career?
Initially I was a pharmacy assistant and then a nurse, but my arrival in Paris changed my professional destiny.
Where do you live? 
Under the roofs of Paris, in the Xe arrondissement.
How did you end up in Paris? 
My boyfriend was living in Paris, we were too tired of station platforms and trains ... and I wanted a change. Everything came together for me to end in the city of lights.
Do you like living in the center?
I am lucky to live in the center and I love it, but I also like to go out to the countryside sometimes, that’s how Paris is livable.

How would you define your interior style?
Cosy, warm, welcoming, eclectic ...
Do you have any favorite item at home? 
I just love my bed so much because it is cosy, relaxing, reassuring ...
What do you like to do when you are home? 
I especially love to laze on my couch with a cup of tea and a good magazine.
When did you start working as a designer? 
I used to make all my friends' babies birth presents, so finally I decided to make something professional out of it. It is in 2007 when I officially create the brand and the company: Livette la Suissette.

Is your atelier at your place? 
Yes for now, but in two months I will be moving my business to another place because I am starting to be too tight in my house.
How would you describe your design creations? 
My creations adapt to everyone, big, small, young, old, ... they are made out of natural materials (cotton, linen), with no ornaments, they are easy to use and to maintain. They are contemporary for their colors and patterns (toile de jouy reinterpreted)
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Daily life inspires me, observing nature and the city. (The first drops of rain on the pavement, frozen crystals on a pole, the reflection of bubbles in the bath, a green gradient forest …)

Apart from textile design, do you have other hobbies or hidden talents?
I make wonderful cakes, pasta gratins, and I can imitate Jane Birkin. 

Do you find a parallel between fashion and decoration? 
Yes, especially for colors. I wish I had time to make more creative creations and Haute Couture decor, using the finest materials ever and inventing incredible pleats
Can you describe a good day's work?
All days are different but they always start at 9am, usually after a coffee with friends. Then I start with fabric inventory and order, creating prototypes, imagining new patterns, customer tracking, testing new products to see if it is achievable within an acceptable cost, some accounting, management monitoring prod ... My working day finishes early, I pick up my daughter at 4pm and then we have a snack togeteher ... nothing in the world would make me miss these small moments …


How do you like to surround yourself at home?
There would be so many things I would love to be surrounded by ... but what I like most are good smells.
How is the house of your dreams? 
A refurbished pretty old cottage in the middle of pastures in the mountain.
Do you have any favorite perfume? 
I love L'eau de Neroli from Diptyque.
Can you give some addresses in Paris that you find particularly interesting? 
Les petits blablas 7, rue Crussol, to make gifts for children - La tête dans les olives, 2 rue St Marthe, for sicily olive oils - Éphémère fleurs, av. Parmentier, for its beautiful flowers - Il paisano, rue Saint Maur, for burrata and other Italian delicacies - Sésame, Quai Valmy, for bagels - Marie et Louise, rue Marie Louise, for good pizza.

Livie and her design

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