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Thursday, November 7

At Home with MRS Hardy

Manuela Hardy is a blogger and owner of a very creative webshop that she has recently opened ... Her house is decorated in a Scandinavian bohemian style with Arabian soul; absolutly beautiful and tasteful, all decorated by her as she is an interior designer apart from being an amateur photographer ... In this interview she talks about her lifestyle and her love for handcraft and DIY...
Pictures:  Manuela Hardy Text: Lottilou
Featured at Flair Fashion and Home magazine

Where do you live? 
I live with my family, in a little white house in Sandnes, which is close to Stavanger in Norway.
How would you define your interior style?
It is a tricky question, but I think I will define it as Scandinavian Bohemian style. Despite the fact that I like so many different kinds of styles, what I like a lot is mixing old and new stuff together. Winter is such a dark season in Norway because the sun sets earlier than in Summer. That is why the Scandinavian style is so bright, I guess ... It suits the circumstances. Also, we lived in Dubai so I like to give to the interior a touch of Arabian lay-back style. But I like changing styles very often though ...
Do you have any designer icon at home?
I don't have any, but I would really love to have something from Arne Jacobsen.
Do you have any favourite item?
From Arne Jacobsen, The Egg chair and The Mauren Chair or the Fritz Hansen Grand Prix Chair.
What do you like doing when you are at home?
I love to do handcraft on my own or with my children. I also like a lot taking photographs, painting and blogging ... I usually paint abstract, but what I like most is to mix different kinds of medias, like pictures with painting. Also I am very keen on designing furniture like the big white dinnertable that we have in the living room, the bench/sofa table and also some shelfs ...

Could you describe in few words your professional experience?
I have been working as a technical drawer/cad operator for a few years now. But I am also an interior designer, and I love taking pictures, although I'm not a proper photographer.
When did you create your online shop? What kind of items do you sell on it?
I created it at the beginning of 2013. Actually it is an extension of my little Blogshop. I sell prints and other things I do like pendants and paintings. Everything in the shop is made by me.

How do you like to surround yourself at home? With my family, on the first floor. But I also enjoy a lot being on my own at home ... Apart from my family, I'm often surrounded by a lot of handcrafting that can easily drive my husband so frustrated ... Also, I love to be surrounded by candles, good music and tulips ...
What is the last item you bought? (in the design or fashion's field)
I am not completely sure about what I bought, but I just got some old school chairs from a friend ...
Do you have some interesting addresses that you would like to share?
There are just so many great websites, but I recently discovered
I also love divas and dreams blog. I think it is
Do you have any favorite perfume?
I like trying different perfumes, but currently I'm using Escada,Taj Sunset perfume.

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Manuela Hardy 

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