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Sunday, November 3

At home with Elvera

Elvera is a Dutch blogger, fascinated by the minimalist decor with a touch of Scandinavian soul. 
She loves soft colors, and of course black & white. 
Passionate about changing her home very often, she adores making mood boards on the walls, 
which is something that especially relaxes her. 
She shares all her ideas and curiosities in her interior blog, ELV'S. 

Pictures : ELV'S Text: Lottilou

1. Where are you from?
I was born in "Zeeland", a province in the South-West of Holland.
2. How did you come to live here?
Due to my husband's work we moved to the North about sixteen years ago ... although I really miss the sea, it's fantastic to live near Amsterdam and the "IJsselmeer" lake. Currently, I live in a modern town house in former Dutch East India Company town of Hoorn, in Northern Holland.
3. How would you define your interior design style?
Well, it is very difficult to describe. I would say eclectic, clean, with a minimal touch of Scandinavian soul.
I change the decoration every single week ... I just love to experiment. I love to play with textures and images on my walls, creating a very personal atmosphere...
4. Do you have any favorite colour?
Sometimes I use pinks or greens, but always within the context of my original palette; black and white, grey and some natural elements as wood for warmth!
5. Do you have any favorite item at home?
I Love my black "VTwonen" star that I have filled with little lights. I´ve had it for a long time, but I still like it in my living room.

6. How do you like to surround yourself at home?
For me it is important to make my home a very cozy place being surrounded by my family. I love calm and light atmosphere after a chaotic and stressful day. That's why I prefer the clean and minimal feeling of the Scandinavian style, but it doesn't mean that my home has to be a museum, it's essential that my son's colorful art and toys have their own place in the living room.
7. Do you have any special corner or any particular place you really like to be when you are at home?
I love to sit at the dinner table right in the middle of our living room, this is really the place where everybody loves to be, the central place from where you can have a look outside and enjoy the green view to the garden, the place where we drink our coffee, where kids do their drawings and games, and where we have dinner all together with family and friends....
8. Do you have any special activity you like to do most when you are at home?
Besides changing my home very often, I love making pictures and sharing them on Instagram. I also love making mood boards, it inspires and relaxes me a lot, I would say that it helps me clear my head of ideas and thoughts!
9. Do you have any favorite designer icon?
My absolute favorite is the egg and swan chair designer, Arne Jacobsen. I love the Fritz Hansen label as well, but I must say that I am also very keen on the Ikea "design".
10. How did you end being an interior Blogger?
I always loved the inspiring interior magazines and the wonderful interior blogs, besides, I was always busy transforming my own home and making pictures. One day a friend asked me why I didn't share my ideas and my love for interior having my own blog ... that's how I started, and I am glad of the advice, I really love it!

11. How would you describe a typical day?
My day starts like many families', I guess. Very early in the morning, I prepare and have breakfast with my family, then I take my sons to school, and I rush to the office. As we are all busy during the day with school, work, sports and socializing, we always have dinner together, This is with no doubt my favorite moment, I love to listen to everyone's stories and jokes while eating ... it is lovely! I spend most of my evenings behind my PC, blogging or visiting my favorite blogs ... And of course, I love reading my magazines and books, and I adore shopping!
12. What can you tell us about your neighbourhood and its atmosphere?
I live in a very quiet and pleasant neighbourhood where everybody knows each other, all children play together. In Summer, when we spend much time outside, we organize neighbourhood barbecues or coffee meetings ... It's just like living in a little village, it is very friendly!
13. Do you have any favorite place you like to visit? 
My hometown at the Dutch coast is my favorite place to go, but I love travelling, my father is from France so I have been there a lot. I also love the beauty of Scandinavia. There are still many places in the world on my wish-list! Beauty is everywhere ...
14. Which is your favorite perfume?
I have several ... but my favorite is Prada.

My Interview to the Blogger Elvera from ELV'S. She shows us her minimalist and monochrome house

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  1. Very nice and personal, Elvera was my first follower *smile* it's nice to read some more about her!

  2. Bonjour! Merci de tes gentils mots sur mon blog (OUI . OUI studio). Je suis un grand fan du style et la maison d'Elvera!!! Bonne journéé!

  3. Love to read about my friend Elvera! Her home and style is great! She is a great inspiration. What a wonderfull pics! X