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Saturday, November 30

A kiss and a Star

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"Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it." - Bernard Meltzer

Thursday, November 28

Tuesday, November 26

Work only, if it's beautiful



 Now that I am working from home, I would like to have a proper place to work
See here some inspiration perfectly suitable ... I like dreaming a bit ...

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt 

Monday, November 25

À table


Nice inspiration for dinner, lunch or breakfast. I like any of them ...

Good quote to start a good day!
"Be pleasant until ten o'clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself." 
Elbert Hubbard

Sunday, November 24

At Home with Brinja

The fascinating world of Brinja
Brinja is a young creative woman, designer, blogger, lover of interiors and pretty things, passionate about photography, owner of a charming boutique and a mom. Famous in the blog's world for her exquisite taste and her special and charming way of telling stories about her lifestyle. In this interview she tells us a little about her universe and her passion for creating miniature models. I was really conquered by her creativity and her great personality!
Pictures Brinja Text Lottilou
Featured at Flair Fashion and Home Magazine 


What can you tell us about yourself? 
I'm 29 years old, I live with my husband Anders which is 34 years old and my daughter Vilja (2 years old).

Where do you live?
In an apartment in Frederiksberg, Copenhague, build in 1890. We have been living here for five years, it's close to the city center and fifteen minutes away cycling from my shop. The only thing I don't like about living in an apartment in a city, is that I'm not allowed to paint my front door in pink, or to knock down a wall if I want to. I dream of a workspace which would give me more freedom, to play and create without having to think about the limits of a small space...

When did you open your shop?
I opened my shop in 2005. The shop takes a huge place in our lives. Our apartment is divided into a workplace and a living space.

Where is your shop located?
My shop is at the harbor area (Islands Brygge) in Copenhagen.

Brinja's Family Home 


How would you define your shop style? What kind of things do you sell?
I sell things that are handmade and things that are new, but rare and special; clothes, jewelry, boxes, paper goods, pillows, small furniture, luxury soaps, gourmet tea and so on... The best way to define it, would be 'A lifestyle shop'.

How would you define your interior style?
I would say that there is a balance between old and new things. Things that are pretty and things that are not... I love to turn things that are really ugly into thing that looks good in the right context! Most of all, my furniture is secondhand or found in containers in town. I just can't pass by a container without sneaking and peeking... You never know what treasures it might hold! We also have IKEA furniture, but most of it is personalized and re-done to make it match with the rest of our entire home. We also have quite a few designer lamps. I believe that when most of the furniture are recycled, really cheap or found, it's nice to invest in a fancy and expensive accessory once in a while. If I had to give some advice about interior it would be that you shouldn't be afraid of showing your own personality at home, make sure to make it really yours...

Can you describe a typical weekday?
I always get into real trouble when getting out of the bed... Some things will never change! ... We have breakfast all together: coffee, bread and eggs. I take Vilja to the kindergarten and the workday begins! I spend an hour a day blogging, and hour responding to e-mails and messages. And , then I either ride my bike to the shop and I do everything from organizing, rearranging, unwrapping, window displaying, price tagging, talking to customers, cleaning... or I spend my day at my home/workshop doing bookkeeping, placing orders here and there and things like that... It's boring, but it is important! Of course I do creative work as well, I play with materials and make new stock to sell in the shop. I make everything from jewelry and dresses, to postcards and pillows... I go to my shop almost every day, but only half of my work week takes place there. The rest of my time is spent at home in my workplace, in front of my computer, behind my camera, or at my working table: sewing, making jewelry or creating miniature stuff. I have currently three sweet girls helping me out in the shop. They make it possible for me to keep the wheels spinning from 'behind the scenes'.

The Shop 


You have a blog: what is its purpose? Do you get anything from it?
I have my blog since July 2008. It's not meant to be a business-blog, but a place for me to be creative and to share what I do and what I like: family, food, interior and my everyday life from my point of view. Over the years, it has become a bigger and bigger part of my work life because I have a lot of readers and many visitors from here and from around the world who come by the shop because of the blog. This was not the purpose when I started out, but of course it's great fun for me and very good for my business at the same time!

I feel so lucky to be able to make a living with what I love most - being creative and self-employed.

Would you define yourself as somebody creative?
I'm wildly passionate about creating mini things. I think it is my way of escape from life when things are hard to handle. Back in 2007, I started making a 1:12 scale model of our apartment. Obviously this has turned out to be an ever-going project as things in our home are rearranged and replaced quite often... It's still in progress and it still makes my heart beat. I make things for my mini world from recycled materials like buttons, shoe boxes, plastic cups, screws, glass beads, magazine clip outs, cotton swaps, vintage wallpaper, metal wire, match boxes... I've done things like a tiny hat shop, a miniature perfume store, a shoebox-gallery and most recently a wooden-cigar-box mini café.

Do you have any creative reference?
I truly admire my grandma, she lives in a home with flowered sofas, rose colors everywhere, a canopy bed, big soft carpets and chandeliers that would make a princess envy her. So thought-through and so much HER. I love visiting her.

The workshop 


How would you describe your dream house?
It would be on the top of a very big and very old and secret tree. Like in a fairytale, with a rope-ladder that I could hive in when the outside world became too difficult. I like caves and hammocks and stuff like that. I think that I like all things that belong to childish, creative and playful universe.

Do you like traveling?
I'm a home-loving person. I like to travel, but I love being home.

Do you have any favorite perfume?
I have a few… but I don't wear them very often. When I do wear perfume I only spray it on my legs because I feel it too strong in my neck. Sensitive nose I guess!

Home in miniature 


Thank you so much for your contribution

Saturday, November 23

Black & Noir

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"I can barely conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no Melancholy." - Charles Baudelaire

Tuesday, November 19

Home sweet home

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Already one month working from home ...
Time goes so fast!

"Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. 
Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. 
But life is changing all the time." - 
Miguel Angel Ruiz

Monday, November 18

Do Design. A shop in Madrid.

DO DESIGN is a very authentic concept store located in the neighborhood of Las Salesas, which is starting to become the most boho and heterogeneous district of Madrid. All filled with Art Galleries, little boutiques and cozy cafes, 
We could actually define it as one of the most emerging neighborhoods of the center.

Text and Pictures: Lottilou

DO opened its doors in October 2011 under Lucia Ruiz-Rivas approval, who, after having completed studies in Fine Arts and Fashion Design, decided to open a multidisciplinary
space that would combine several items on the art and design field... Therefore, the space has been created with the idea of combining all things Lucía likes within art and design...
a space where you can easily get inspired, have a coffee, watch an exhibition of art, buy a design object... DO hopes to be more than just a shop.

The store has a unique selection of found objects or "objects trouvés" whose main feature is to be beautiful and functional. Designed, organic and handmade items... Objects which combine the latest trends with traditional rustic design.

Do is a living space in movement, not only dedicated to a specific product line, but reflecting a philosophy where emerging designers and artists share a vision of work, beauty and lifestyle.

Lucia has been living in Helsinki for two years... that's why the shop exudes a very latent Scandinavian style, in which she has added some warm touches and handcrafts, making it much more personal…


The WorkShop 

Fernando VI, 13
28004 Madrid

Sunday, November 17


 I like doing moodboards so much, it relaxes me a lot ... 
I made quite ​​a few up today ...
To see more have a look here