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Tuesday, September 17

Smarts Studios

Pictures: Pinterest

The possibility to work from home as freelance designer and journalist online,
it's something that I desire more than anything at this point of my life ...
But I think that I will have to wait a bit more for that to be happening ...
My dreams felt of again, but I can't lose the hope ...
Any of those studios would be perfect for me ...
I imagine a huge table with all the facilities around to be very creative with my little princess

- that is to say, for the money - has turned himself into a slave.


  1. Wonderful inspiration for my work at home!
    I wish you good luck in achieving of your dream :)

    Participates in my blog giveaway!
    A big hug

  2. Merci pour ton petit mot ma Charlotte.
    Ca va, mais je n'ai que très peu de temps pour moi en ce moment, le travail, les salons, la petite Lou, le barbu... Ca ira mieux en octobre! ;)

    Je te fais plein plein de bisous.

  3. Great inspiration for my new workspace!

  4. All of the offices are lovely but I love the first one most! I'm a jewellery designer and I work part-time as a copywriter as well. I have my own home office but it's nearly not as nice as these. Office and house trends change so quickly and I always find new interesting stuff that it is almost impossible to stick with one idea. Maybe I should work a little on that :) hugs, Kay