seeks to be bohemian, ecological, deeply rooted to the human being, to history and to anthropology

Wednesday, October 31

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Don't forget the giveaway tomorrow!!!! 
You still have today to join in if you want to be part of it!!!!
Good luck to everyone!!!!
And thank you so much to all my followers and for your kind messages!

Tuesday, October 30

Ode to white

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Monday, October 29

Good monday!

Picture: habotai

Picture: Loveology

I have too much work lately and I am a bit lost!!!
But I wish you a very nice start of the week!!!

Thursday, October 25

Lovely life

 Pictures: lovely life

Love this house that I found through the beautiful and inspiring Cherry Blossom Girl,
I like its atmosphere, its lovely details, the very well chosen furniture, 
and very well mixed all together,
Not to abundant and not to empty, just perfect ...
It's really my style of house!!!

Wednesday, October 24

My wishlist

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Tuesday, October 23

Ode to books

Picture: Pinterest

I have so many books to read
And so many I want to read that I don't have
I wish I had more time
to read more & more

Quotes from here and there, 
that tells me something 
"Tout ce que tu feras sera dérisoire, mais il est essentiel que tu le fasses." Indira Gandhi
"c'est en ne gardant que l'essentiel et le nécessaire 
que l'on trouve les forces de la vitalité et de la vérité". Béjart
"trouver le bonheur est un art qui consiste à changer son regard 
en mettant des lunettes roses" Jade

Sunday, October 21

Friday, October 19


Picture Via Loveology

Thursday, October 18

Autumn Moodboard



Today, we have a special guest at work for a Picture's production!!!
He is soooo cute!!

Thank you so much for your kind messages in my giveaway post!
You still have time to join the game until the November 1st

Happy day to all of you!!!!

Tuesday, October 16

A present for you

Butterflies eveywhere for those rainy days

I am very happy to make a special giveaway for all my followers,
with this original illustration of Lottilou likes to paint

How to join in:
a. Become a member of my blog
b. Live a comment on this post
c. Share the image below on your blog linked to the giveawaypost
and enjoy !!!!

You will have the result on the November 1st

Sunday, October 14

Chanel nº5

Illustration now

Today I have been preparing a special giveaway
I have been doing those two illustrations ...
Tomorrow I will decide which one I'll chose
I would love you to help me choosing!!!
Have a great evening!

Saturday, October 13

Very soon! A special giveaway for Christmas


I am preparing a sepcial giveaway for all my followers ;)
I'll tell you more tomorrow!!!
Have sweet evening!!!

Thursday, October 11

Good Morning!

HaVe a beAutiful dAy!

Wednesday, October 10

Love stripes

Pictures: Pinterest

I would dress only with stripes if I could...

Good morning!

I recomend you this beautiful song to start the day!

Tuesday, October 9

Ode to Brighton

Picture: Primoeza

When I saw that picture from Brighton in this cool blog Primoeza,
 I was suddenly transported to the year I was living there, maybe the best year of my life, 
19 years old and all my life in front of me! 
I use to love so much going to that beach, and spend the afternoon, the morning or even the night, 
I even had a bath in the sea, that sea full of seaweed and dark!!! ;)

Monday, October 8

Monday mood

La maison d'Anna G

Wednesday, October 3

Life is sweet

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