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Thursday, September 29

I want to make a special Giveaway !

From the first of october
to the 16 of October if you buy one of my illustration, have a look here, i will be giving you another one of your choise for free !!!
Thank you to all of you !!!

Sunday, September 25

sunday morning

The weather it's perfect, and it's the perfect moment to do some outside activities, like riding a bicycle. We had such a good time !!!

Saturday, September 24

have a great weekend !!!

Give light and people will find the way.

Ella Baker
picture: photoproblem

Thursday, September 22

Autumn !

It is the end of summer ... sooo sad !!! But with autumn comes others nice and funny things to do ... Hallowen, new clothes, meetings with friends and family at my cozy home or others houses, tea and pie in the afternoon, wine for dinner, weekends at the countryside, travel to Paris for my birthday...

Pictures: weheartit

A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life. James Allen

Love those two PRADA Looks

Source: loquelvientosedejo

Tuesday, September 20

Today... a good day!

So beautiful pictures by Peter Lindbergh
this quote that define me so well ;)

I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way.
Carl Sandburg

Monday, September 19

Ideas for my new house

French by design
Things i like, things i love
What did Emily do now?

Cynthia Lawrence-John appartment

Cynthia Lawrence-John is a very busy woman. We are pleased the freelance stylist and Fashion Director of Volt Magazine, a bi-annual independent fashion magazine, found some time in her hectic schedule to meet us in her clothes-crammed studio apartment in London-Islington to talk fashion.

Cynthia has studied film and photography, accidentally became a stylist and has been successfully doing this job for more than ten years. Having assisted Dazed & Confused’s Alister Mackie, Cynthia decided to go her own way as a stylist and nowadays her clients include internationally renowned brands like Adidas, Nike and Diesel. Her editorial work has been published in i-D, Dazed & Confused, Interview, GQ, Arena Homme Plus and Volt and she has been responsible for the looks of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp and VV Brown amongst many others.

When we met her during a frantic time of film costume designing, lookbook and music video shoots, Cynthia still comes across as the embodiment of coolness. When you experience her relaxed nature you can’t tell what a hard-working woman she is. Somehow she manages to stay calm and be on top of things, even if she’s doing several challenging jobs at the same time. It must be her years of experience and the army of helping assistant’s hands that cause the ease, which is so rare in this industry.

Flicking through Jean-Philippe’s photographs at the end of our interview, Cynthia is quite impressed “You actually made me look like an interesting person”, she says. Indeed, she is.


Friday, September 16

Back to school

Love this shop somebody told to me about!!!

School have started again, and today it was the first day i took my little princess to school, i was so excited by the way...
...And with this start comes homework, horse riding, or i should say, pony riding, dancing, good and hudge snaks once at home... well... it's the end of holidays but it's better to take it with joy!

Pictures: seventeendoors

Wednesday, September 14

Paris Design Week

Granny Chair from wa-de-be



Maison et Objet have started this monday in the fashion and design's city, Quai d'austerlitz, in Paris.
I found those two design very interesting, specially the granny chair, all done by french workers, and knitted by hand by french grand-mothers. Very nice indeed!

Monday, September 5

Today's mood

Just beautiful pictures for this difficult monday. Last week I had perfect holidays in Paris. And today i am so depressed, at work and back in Madrid. I have lived in Paris for eight years and now i am such in the mood of going back... who knows! maybe one day!
Hope so!!!
I don't remember where are the pictures from...
sorry about that!