seeks to be bohemian, ecological, deeply rooted to the human being, to history and to anthropology

Friday, August 26

Thursday, August 25

so true

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Wednesday, August 24


From this beautiful blog fjellby


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Tuesday, August 23

On my way

I just found this nice and inpiring blog on my way
with all those really nice picts from my beloved Paris

Friday, August 19

Very chill-out

Erika Wall London

Where did you grow up:
East coast, west coast and midwest Sweden.

Where do you live:
In London now, New York soon

Personal Soundtrack:
Gimme legs, the Chap
Silly Crimes, The though alliance
Round and Round, Ariel Pink’s haunted graffiti

Star Sign:
Cancer Goat

Who is your style icon?
My Friend Karolina. And my mom.
My wardrobe is mostly gifts from them

What do you do or would you like to do when you grow up?

Interview and picts from this nice blog: backyardbill
this new search Isabelle Antena
Enjoy the music!!!

Thursday, August 18

Un certain sourire

Today it is a rainy day, i kind of like those days in the middle of summer, but i would enjoy it pretty much if i was in a place like mi bed, reading this nice book that i bought yesterday, "Un certain sourire" (Françoise Sagan). I already read "Bonjour tristesse", and i completely and deeply fall in love with her style. My purpose it is to read all her books!
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"If you have a bibliotheque and a garden then you have everything to be happy" (Unknown)

Wednesday, August 17


I know!!! I have been away for so, so long, having rest and enjoying my holidays time as much as i could!!! I sill have one week reserved for my beloved Paris, i can't wait!!! What abour you, did you have good time?
I am happy to be back and to see all my beloved blogs in my favorite list and all others that i still don't know!!!
I wish you a very good day!!!
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Bloggers are making an exhibition!

We live in other people’s houses. Some of us in homes, cities and countries distant from where we were born. Others live close, safe in the comfort of places we know.

What do our homes say about us?

In this revealing collaboration, participants of last year’s 1010 project reunite to explore feelings of displacement, intimacy and voyeurism through photographs of the places they choose to live.