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Friday, November 25

Thursday, November 24

Lovely spaces

Lovely house and family from this blog I love Santuary
Have a look to their nice and interesting page:


The quote of the day ...

I LOVE your style !!!!

Pictures from the startiorialist

Friday, November 4

Paris ... olala!!!

Love Paris more than ever !!!
I'll be celebrating my birthday with family and friends in my Paris beloved, so so happy!!!!
Lately, i have been so bussy with my work, so i really feel like having a good rest ...
I wish you enjoy your weekend !!!

Pictures: thesartorialist
And for the rest i don't remeber, sorry !

Friday, October 14

Friday, October 7

Have a great weekend !


Source: fuckoffmondays

Happy friday !!!!!!!!

Emilie's pictures

I have been looking through my blog, oh my God !!!! So many posts already ... i really can't believe it !!!!
and looking through it (have a look here) i found this nice photographer, don't you think it's dreaming !?

Thursday, October 6

White inspiration

Source: fuckoffmondays

I want to mention the sad death of Steve Jobs apple's co-creator... so, so sad !!!


I want definitly watch last Sofia Coppola's movie...

Good Morning!

Starting a good day with this encouraging quote !!!!
Have a great day !
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Wednesday, October 5

Thursday, September 29

I want to make a special Giveaway !

From the first of october
to the 16 of October if you buy one of my illustration, have a look here, i will be giving you another one of your choise for free !!!
Thank you to all of you !!!