seeks to be bohemian, ecological, deeply rooted to the human being, to history and to anthropology

Wednesday, June 30

This is for my little girl

Beautiful simplicity

I just LOVE to look at beautiful images like this one, it make me feel a little bit happier...

Monday, June 28


When i'm going to Paris i have to go to Kookai!!!!

The fabulous Garlands

I found that blog via 16 house, and i completely fall in Love with that, it's beautiful, i would definitly have them at home, to see more click here

Friday, June 25

Beauty in age

Luthea Salom

That's my last music discovery, Luthea Salom (lately i like girl's voices more than boy's voices) ..., I like it because it's Happy!!!. Patty Smith it's her reference.

my work

I've made that corparative identity for a florist. I think this one may be the last one..., well i don't know, i've changed it so many times that now i can't see anything...
Please give me your opinion, it's always interesting to know what other people think!!!

Hice esta identidad corporativa para un florista, le he dado tantas vueltas que ya no veo nada...
Vuestra opinión será muy bienvenida, siempre es interesanta ver lo que piensan los demás con un ojo nuevo...

Monday, June 21

And to go with THE PERFECT DRESS

A beautiful and romantic place. See the post below to see the dress...


A perfect and romantic dress.... I want one...

Friday, June 18


Some days ago we made that picture for a work i am doing...

I am very lucky because i've kept the flowers for me!!!

Tuesday, June 15

My book it's out

Well, i didn't write it, but i made the front cover!!!... and i definitely recommend it to all of you!!!

Monday, June 14

When Summer was here...

I just love flowers, and when we had sun, my terrace was the perfect place to be, but we've been almost 2 weeks with no sun, and really dark outside...