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Tuesday, May 18

First Casting Audrey Tautou

I like it!!!!, it's tricky

Monday, May 17

Friday, May 14

pretty house

I'd like a place like this to live, enough for me...
pictures from daydate

Beautiful painting

Oh i love that painting!!! It remainds me a lot of shiele

Shiele is as far as i know one of my favorite artist.
picture at the top page from daydate

Thursday, May 13

Party at home

I am preparing a party at home and i'm searching for some ideas, here i have some good ones...

Monday, May 10

Lou Doillon

She has such a beutifull Name, people who knows me, already knows how much I love this name!!!, she is the last one of Jane Birkin daughters, she has that something special that her mother and her sister, charlotte, have.


Qué buen fin de semana!!!!, sano, bonito, gourmet, y sobre todo en muy buena compañía!!!. Mi amiga Eva y yo nos hemos ido a un pueblo idílico de segovia, quizás el pueblo más bonito en el que he estado desde hace mucho tiempo, hemos disfrutado un montón del campo, del lugar y de sus restaurantes y tabernas, que son tan perfectos que no nos hubiesemos movido de allí en días...

Friday, May 7

Number 6

Quería haber hecho un especial HOMENAJE ayer a este número, pero al final se pasó el momento...
No pasa nada, hoy quiero dedicar este post a este número tan bonito estéticamente y tan significante para mi, es El Número, es Mi Número, ...el número de la suerte, el número de las alegrías, el número de mi vida.

Thursday, May 6

Nice couples/FAMILIES

This morning I've been enjoying so much looking 16 house's last post about couples, it's is really amazing because i love exactly the same french couples than her. And she had this amazing pictures with Vanessa Paradis and Jonny Deep, that i like so much, they have such a nice and personal style. And this picture with their Kids it's so cute and perfect, it remainds me so much of Gainsbourg's family when Jeanne Birkin and Serge Gainbourg where still toghether.

Wednesday, May 5



Tuesday, May 4


Monday, May 3

white is white

I just love that decoration, clean and plenty of light...

perfect weekend

We had a perfect weekend, we've been doing a pic-nic. When my weekends are so lovely, it's so so hard to go back at work...