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Wednesday, March 31

Have a happy holidays!!!!

Ya hemos llegado a ese día tan esperado!!!!!, nos vamos de vacaciones!!!!, mañana estaremos en el solecito!!!!, Que lo paséis todos muy bien!!!!

Tuesday, March 30


I've seen those stools in a blog, they are so nice!, don't you think!?

Monday, March 29

Holidays are around the corner!

I am so happy to go on holidays, I have so much things to prepare and to buy...., Can't wait!!!

I will have time to read!!!

I will sleep until laaaate

I will have long and delicious breakfast

We will have time to play all day long...

We'll go to the beach!!!!! Dear Sun and sea!!!!

And go late to sleep!!!!

I am so happy to go on holiday!!!

Thursday, March 25

Another house

To big for me, but i can imagine to make a little rural hostal in that house. The thing is, that the rent is so cheap...

A house

I found this beautiful and perfect house in Belgium, it has really good possibilities, the problem is...., that i don't live in Belgium!!!!, I wish i could find, exactly the same house in Spain...

Wednesday, March 24

Lovely atmosphere!

I just love this oneiric, and romantic atmosphere...
Pictures from here

Monday, March 22

I WANT TO BUY lots of clothes!!!!

This is from Oysho

For my daughter (Massimo Dutty)

Massimo Dutty for me

I've been buying presents for friends this weekend, and i've seen so many pretty things for my little girl and for me!!!
All of them are going to be perfect for our little vacation, i am so excited to go on holliday, with the horrible weather we've had this winter, good weather will be very well received...

Monday, March 8

My weekend

I had a really good weekend, calm and sweet... I cut my hair, i finnaly bought "the carpet", my living room it's getting so cozy!!!!, i saw a very nice movie, that i haven't seen before (barefoot in the park), well, 2 or 3 but the others werent that nice...., i search for a cat... i had hot wine, from Ikea, i recomend it to you, it's really nice!!!, I bought flowers, well, i did all the things i love to do!

Tuesday, March 2

Comptoir des cotonniers

It is, for me, with any doubt the best shop from all. I like the look, the image they want to give, the style, the elegance, everything... Above you have the colection mum and daughter.
It is been, my favourite label from my 17's until now...

And I love that dress, from the new coleccion...