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Friday, February 26


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Monday, February 22


A friend of mine always tells me to be pacient... How to be patient when you've been waitting for so long????... sometimes it's hard to wait when you are watting for something that never comes...

Friday, February 19

Rebecca Horn

I can't find the installation i saw yesterday at Arco, but you can see some of her work with those pictures.

Rebecca Horn
(24 March 1944, Michelstadt) is a German installation artist most famous for her body modifications such as Einhorn (Unicorn), a body-suit with a very large horn projecting vertically from the headpiece, and Pencil Mask, a mesh harness for the head with many pencils projecting out. In May-August, 2005 the Hayward Gallery in London held a Rebecca Horn retrospective.

Gregory Crewdson


September 26, 1962. Brooklyn, NY; lives and works in New York

Yesterday i've been to ARCO and this artist draw my atention. It remaind me to hopper.

Wednesday, February 17

Cristina again

Lovely images don't you think!!!?? Some time ago i hold some of her really nice pictures in a post called Cristina. you can have a look here to see more.


I said so many times that i wanted a cat, it is maybe the moment..., i found that cat in internet, she is so cute... Shall i have it now!!!!????
Wich one do you preffer?

Tuesday, February 16

Very Arty

A friend of mine, María, has made that sculpture wich are really nice, to see more click here

Nice style

I just discovered this nice fashion's blog

Waitting for good News

Hope i'll be lucky!!!!


It's snowing again, and i'm so happy, it remaind me my country, miss it so much...

Wednesday, February 10

you're not coming home tonight

They are swedish, they are sisters, they are teenager and they are really GOOD!!!, I recomend it tou you!!!!

Monday, February 8

Perfect house

Source: Ad spain

Sunday, February 7

My mum & daddy's wedding

They were soooo beautifull!!!!

Friday, February 5

Copenhagen street style

Her coat it's just beautifullMy friend Geraldine from cherry blossom tree sent me this amazing blog, beacause she knows that i love scandinavian style. The looks are to cool.

Thursday, February 4

Japanese shop

I found that shop in loveology, it's soooo nice, It's called solid pattern maker,
The little girl is so sweety!!!!!!

I wish i was there

oh so sweet

I really like the atmosphere of those pictures, it transmits me harmony and peace...
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Wednesday, February 3


LOLITA by Stanley kubrick, it's maybe one of the best film i've seen until this day, now i'm finnally ready to read the book, wich has really good critiques and it's meant to be much better than the movie. This afternoon, i am going to passajes, to buy it!!!

Come home magazine

A popular japanese life-style interior magazine, full of ideas for your house, cooking , crafts, and fashion... Relly nice!!! . See the collections of books and magazines.