seeks to be bohemian, ecological, deeply rooted to the human being, to history and to anthropology

Friday, January 29

Red fish, blue fish, black fish, whathever...

Today, I feel a little bit like this..., like a tiny little fish, in a small and reduced fish bawl...

Thursday, January 28

Home sweet home

I am here..., at work..., and i am looking forward to go home with my little girl...
Via: windydaysblog

The fiancée

I like this pict!, I could imagine myself like her, in my wedding day..., By the way, i would'nt mind to celabrate this "nice day" in a place like this, pretty, charmeful, cozy...
Source: fría y menta

Wednesday, January 27


I've created a new blog with all my drawings, illustrations, collage, and everything i am doing, i will feed my blog as soon as i'm doing new things. I hope you'll like it!

Tuesday, January 26


To see more click HERE

A new objective

I am preparing a new blog and I am going to name it LOTTILOU LIKES TO PAINT..., right now i am recolacting all my draws, paintings, collages..., and as soon as it's prepared, i will let you know!!!. I hope you will like it!
source: audrey hepburn complex

Sunday, January 24

Another style

I knew that when i was going to paint again, it was going to be with a new style, happier, more colourfull... I am not really sure if i like it, maybe i have to get used to it..., We will see what is going to be next time...

Thursday, January 21

And Pia has a blog...

I am so happy to have found this really nice blog again, and i am looking forward to buy her book!. See the post below...


I want this book...And also this one.

Tuesday, January 19

What a nice shop

Those are just perfect for my little girl, with them she would be a real AnGEL.

I just discovered this shop in Loveology, to see more click here.

Monday, January 18

It's been 3 years, already...

A friend of mine ask me to make a cover for her next book. I use to paint and to draw a lot but it's been 3 years that i haven't taken a pencil... well, it was nice to take it back...

Friday, January 15

Thursday, January 14

Laura Marling

Searching for Emmy the great, I've found Laura Marling. Amazing too... Another voice but the same style, a bit more trash though.

Emmy the Great!!!!

While I was sleeping (the t.v stayed turned on) an amazing melody got mixed up with my dream... Finnally i woke up, it was Emmy the Great on tv, amazing!!!. Her music is oneiric, her voice calm and peacefull, witty lyrics, i needed a moment to understand that i was'nt sleeping. I saw the rest of the concert, it was impossible to go back to sleep!
I want to make a very special THANK YOU to PATUSIBU for recording me the album, thank you so much, i love it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 12

Another nice blog

I just love to search for new nice blogs... This one has a really nice athmosphere.

Monday, January 11

Lisa Stickley

I have those mugs...

and I'd like to buy these others...

Another really cool Blog
Another really nice swedish blog, that i've kept in my beloved list. I just love that lifestyle...