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Monday, December 20


I just discovered this illustrator Vanessa Linares based in Barcelona. It's really nice!

Thursday, December 16

Things I like , Things I love on wedesnay

This nice house that I've found via Bloesem

Snow... I wish it'll sow this winter

This garlands from the blog The fabulous Garlands

This nice blog that i just discoverd helloneest
Even if I already new the shop...

My cat, I haven't made pictures already, but you will Know him for sure...

This House from Loveology
This pillow from my friend's blog Patusibu

Monday, December 13

Cuando no aprovechas las oportunidades que te da la vida... alguien se te adelanta...

Finalmente me había decidido a tener un gatito, la gatita esa tan mona que conocí por casualidad... pero llegué demasiado tarde, ya se la habían llevado... de repente me siento tan triste... pensé que era para mí, y que me esperaría...

Friday, December 10

Keep calm

This is the perfect advice and i like the idea of seeing it every day at home....
You can buy it here

Tatjana Sprick apartment

Thursday, December 9

Friday, November 26

Wednesday, November 24

Ghost Town

Beautiful video and nice song

Tuesday, November 23

Frank Höhne's house

Another really nice house from Freunde von Freunden located in Berlin.
I love the kitchen...

Monday, November 15

Thursday, November 4

It's gone a be a good year!!!

I am so happy to go to Paris to celebrate my birthday the next 6 of November.
I will be 36 years old.
I've already mentioned some time ago that number 6 it is really a good number for me.
Then it is going to be a really good year...
I am happy to start a new year full of dreams and hopes.
I believe that when you really want something it happen.
Then I want to start this new year with some wishes that for sure will happen.
All pictures from: Audreyhepburncomplex

How many times...

How many times can a man turns his head and pretend that he just doesn't see.
How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky.
How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry.
The answer my friend it's blowin' in the wind, the answer... it's blowin' in the wind...
BOB DYLAN (the best forever)

Paris, je t'aime

Retour á Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3

Source: Lotta agaton

Tuesday, October 26

Beautiful weekend

I had such a nice sunday all filled with things i just love to do...
A nice movie, good food...

Finnally some time to read my book!!!!

My little girl's scarf it's getting bigger, hope to finish it before the winter ends ;)

I bought flowers in the flower's maket, it's maybe my favorite thing to do on Sundays....

My house it's all filled with flowers, it makes me happy!!!!


On saturday we went to a halloween's party that the American school from madrid it's organizing every year. Like always it was realy well done.

Tuesday, October 19

sabine finkenauer

I've just fell in Love with this ilustrator that i found via little hamster
Her work it's gorgeous, sensitive, fresh. I love it.
To see more