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Tuesday, September 15

Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer is educated by the Royal portrait photographer Rigmor Mydtskov, and has worked as a photographer for the last 20 years. Birgitta has worked with everything within fashion photographing; models, catwalks, catalogues and collections and has in that regards been living in Paris, Miami and Milano.

Birgitta has through the past 10 years specialized within interior- and life-style photographing, which has brought her throughout the world on assignments for major Danish and international magazines.

Birgitta has a special gift of catching the light and mood, and the expressions of life, in her pictures. This can clearly be seen in her four very popular Interieur design books that are sold in many European countries, especially her best seller Nordlys captures the typical Scandinavian style.

Birgitta has taken the dogma effect into her pictures - capturing the present in her pictures focusing on the raw yet feminine style. She has managed to develop her own characteristics on to portrait photographing - her pictures express the true personality.

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