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Friday, July 31

I just LOVE that house

It's Carolina Herrera's house in spain, publicated in Ad Spain... It's so fresh, feminine, and cozy, If it was mine I would only change some furniture..., but... not that much...

Monday, July 27

Friday, July 24

That it's the end!

I have to be on a diet, order from the doctor..., it's so horrible, i have to say bye bye, to croissant, muffins, cookies, chocolate!!!!, nooooo....
source la tartine gourmande

Thursday, July 23

I feell all pink...

Source Flickr

Nice, to have friends....

Geraldine, my friend from work, gave me that image for my blog, because she thought i would like it, she is right, i love that image!!!!

Somewhere over the rainbow

This morning in my way at work i saw a huge and perfect rainbow... In the midle of that grey and scaring sky there were all those amazing colours. Of course i made a wish. Hope it's becoming true....

Wednesday, July 22

Tuesday, July 21

A funny story

Como explicarle a mi hija que las sirenas que viven en el agua no viven en los camiones de bomberos... Y quién es el que hace ruido de sirena?????

Friday, July 17

A Lifestyle

All the images are from Etsy
I've been recopilating those images to create a lifestyle that i like...

Some Things that i love...
Reading at the beach, park or quite and beautifull places
White and pink Flowers
Walking in the city (Paris for example), or the countryside (wherever but specially in belgium)...
The smell of clean cloths
Coffe and croissant in the mornig
To sleep with open windows
My perfume
To drive, alone, and far...
Old cars
To go to rural Hotels
To stroke a cat
To visit others nice houses
Having a wine in a nice terrace
To swim specially in the sea
London, Amsterdam, Paris...
The smelling of places that remind me my grandparent's houses
To ride a horse
To ride a bycicle in a nice city
To fall in Love
Macarrons and pain au chocolat
To search beautifull places, and things...
To look at people, and invent their life

Wednesday, July 15

Thursday, July 9

Flowers by Tricia Guild

Photographs by James Merrel

Monday, July 6


Este fin de semana vi Lol, con Sophie Marceau, que me encanta, es una ligera copia moderna de la película "La boom", en la que también actúa esta última, pero con 20 años menos...

Tenía la impresión de estar viendo un largo, muy largo anuncio, con chicos guapos, y marcas como Zadig & Voltaire, Apple, coca cola..., siempre presentes, en todas las tomas...

Bueno, es entretenida, pero muy lejos de la realidad, eso si, es un Paris idílico, y viven en un apartamento perfecto, para mi gusto...
Os invito a ver el triller