Il vaut mieux rêver sa vie que la vivre, encore que la vivre ce soit encore la rêver. Proust.

Tuesday, September 2

It is all white

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Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.
Alexander Smith

Monday, September 1

Back to school, back at work

 Sara Svenningrud / source

Beautiful workplace for kids or grown-up ... Tidy, neat and clear ... 
Love the mix between wood, plastic and metal... Just all good

Tuesday, August 26

Thursday, August 21

TIDE Design

We are committed to the design and production of high quality, 
handmade, unique furniture, designed and built to provide an enduring appeal. 
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Wednesday, August 20



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Another sample of the house where I wouldn't mind to live...

Tuesday, August 19

Monday, August 18

Back to work

I am in the mood for working... 
New woks and new project in sight... 
It makes me happy and nervous at the same time!
I am all the time listening at this amazing duo Angus and Julia Stone.
So very recommendable!

Friday, August 15

Sunday, August 10

Scandinavian soul

Beautiful Scandinavian apartment designed by Emma Hos